Night 21 – Laylatul Qadr – VIDEO – First Ever Public Adhan Al Maghrib – Call to The Prayer After Sunset – Masjid al-Salaam and Education Centre – 5060 Canada Way – Burnaby, British Columbia

Masjid al-Salaam and Education Centre made a request to Burnaby City Council for permission to broadcast the evening Call to Prayer over loudspeakers during Ramadan 2020.

On April 29 2020,

Imam Yahya Momla wrote to Council that the Adhān would take on new meaning this year if they’re approved to broadcast it.


Call to Prayer – Permission from the City of Burnaby

“The Islamic call to prayer is called adhān, which means “to inform.”

The call summons Muslims for obligatory prayer and its objective is to bring people together.

Ramadan – the month of fasting began on April 24.

Ramadan is a month where Muslims spend their time in prayer, self-reflection and fasting from sunrise to sunset.

We are seeking the Council’s permission to allow Masjid Al-Salaam to broadcast the adhān through loudspeakers at sunset (3 minutes after sunset to be precise) during the month of Ramadan.

The duration of this adhān is approximately 3 minutes.

This is a show of unity and solidarity with the City and British Columbia that we will overcome the COVID-19 challenge and these difficult times together.

The Adhān is also our unique way of paying homage to the courage, sacrifice, and bravery of our first responders.

This practice is being adopted in other parts of Canada (Ontario and Alberta) and around the world.

We would like to emphasize that in view of the Provincial Health Officer and City’s direction,

the mosque is closed for the public.


the adhān will be live on the Masjid’s Facebook page and YouTube Channel,

so that people can watch and listen to it from home.”


This request was received by Council in the Monday May 11 2020 public meeting.

Staff recommended City Council approve the request as long as the call to prayer complies with Burnaby’s noise by-law.


Burnaby’s First Public Adhān was broadcast via loudspeakers on Night 21, the first of the five possible Laylatul Qadr, Night of Power, in Ramadan 2020.


First public adhan (call to prayer) in Burnaby, BC – Masjid Al Salaam

May 13, 2020

Masjid Al Salaam and Education center is hosting the city’s first public adhan during Magreb prayer.

The Muadhhin (caller) is Brother Mahdi.”


Adhan was called by the Muezzin standing in Masjid Al Salaam’s Noble Courtyard, essentially a public square inside this Islamic Centre.

Tonight’s Muezzin, Brother Mahdi, is a friend of mine, SubhanAllah.


Previously . . .

On Day 28 in Ramadan 2016,

While doing 30 Masjids Canada,

I had sat in this same Noble Courtyard to record a podcast interview with Sharif Senbel, The Architect of this Ecological Masjid.

In Ramadan 2018,

I returned to Masjid Al-Salaam on Day 26 to spend Night 27 for Laylatul Qadr and Khatam Al Qur’an.




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