Day 28 – VIDEO – Drive-In Iftar – Islamic Centre of Canada – ISNA – 2200 South Sheridan Way – Mississauga, Ontario


” 25,598 “

That’s the number of Iftar Meals that will have been picked up by day’s end

during all of Ramadan 2021 at Islamic Centre of Canada in Mississauga.

Our household can account for 12 of those 25,598 picked up during one Drive-Thru Iftar and two Drive-In Iftars !

This Final Iftar Pickup Day was expanded from Four to Five scheduled Iftar Pickup timings.

We booked the first one at 5 p.m. and arrived just as the low frequency FM radio program began,

The “Iftar Radio Show” on 90.5 FM.

Shaikh Alaa Elsayed was the radio show’s Master of Ceremonies.

Because of being in the first Drive-In Iftar cohort,

A small stage was still being set up in front.

Area Politicians would be arriving & I imagine they’d stand on it to be visible to people inside their vehicles.

What is encouraging to witness,

Is how younger people have been entrusted with logistics decision making & process re-invention.

This Ramadan 2021 began with 15% Indoor Capacity allowed for Houses of Worship,

But was reduced to only 10 people allowed indoors during Week 2 of Ramadan 2021.

ISNA Canada worked with the rules as they were and transformed the Drive-Thru Iftar

Into a “Drive-In” outdoors stay-in-car Iftar Pickup that met Provincial Rules for Drive-By services for Houses of Worship.

Some Masjids and Organizations experience stasis due to “Founders Syndrome”,

When well meaning “Uncles” do not retire to make space for following generations of stewardship.

Once up a time that might have been ISNA Canada.


During a Pandemic,

Drive-Thru, and then Drive-In Iftars,

Confirm Islamic Centre of Canada is in good hands.

Young Hands.

Eid Mubarak Everybody !

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