Day 8 – Nafil – Bosnian Islamic Centre, Etobicoke

The Bosnian Islamic Centre is only a few blocks east of the Canadian Sufi Cultural Centre.

Being between Jumah and Asr, the time was perfect to make my Annual Pilgrimage to South Etobicoke, as I wrote last year.

Since Thursday night’s 30 Masjids visit was to SeekersHub, an Islamic Learning Centre and not a Masjid, visiting the BIC would bring me back on track to visit 30 Masjids instead only 29 this Ramadan.

Yeah, So What if I only popped in and prayed Two Rakats Nafil before splitting and biking north to Khalid Bin Al-Waleed Mosque in Etobicoke North…

Work with me people!!!


If you want learn about this Masjid, please read last year’s article.

Not much has changed.




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