Day 1 – Fajr – Masjid Toronto Re-opens

Masjid Toronto Main Prayer Hall Fajr Dawn Prayer time Tuesday July 9 2013

Masjid Toronto has appeared on the blog previously, so this is just a quick update.

It’s Open! Alhumdulillah.

I prayed Fajr, the Dawn Prayer, before leaving for London, Ontario later in the morning.

The masjid has been closed for the past little while undergoing renovations and improvements especially upstairs in the Sisters’ Area which was never truly adequate before.

The plan was to open the satellite prayer space, Masjid Toronto at Adelaide, and have people pray there before fully closing Masjid Toronto to make all the changes.

On this first morning of Ramadan 2013, it’s finally nearly ready.

Regular five daily prayers have resumed. Tonight the first of 30 daily Iftars will be held.

During the renos, the masjid has been intermittently open for a number of the daily prayers, however the wudu facilities weren’t available. Like the sign in the Musallah at 340 Dixon Road in Etobicoke, similar signs requesting worshippers to Make “Wudoo” at Home greeted people at entrances to Masjid Toronto.

No longer.

I just made wudu and the new facilities were well worth the wait.

Masjid Toronto new wudu facilities available Tuesday July 9 2013

Masjid Toronto new wudu facility available Tuesday July 9 2013

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