Day 5 – LIVESTREAM – Resilient Hour – Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick & Qari Hassan Mohammed – IIT – Islamic Institute of Toronto

If you are outside of Ontario and because of online geo-restrictions cannot listen to the Special Daily Ramadan Radio Program from Reflections on Islam,

Resilient Hour from the Islamic Institute of Toronto is a good go-to, at least 2/7ths of the time.

Tonight is the second of IIT’s twice weekly Resilient Hour shows being livestreamed on Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan 2022/1443.

Qari Hassan Abdulrahman opened the Resilient Hour reciting verses of the Qur’an.

Speaking tonight was Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick about The Benefits of Ramadan.

We listened & watched the Resilient Hour while we readied ourselves for Adhan Al Maghrib and the time to break our fast.

Adhan Al Maghrib tonight was called by one of the younger members of the IIT Congregration, Brother Omar Hassan.

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