Day 26 – VIDEO: Meet Masiullah Mohebzada – Toronto City Council Candidate – Ward 36 Scarborough South West

We caught up with Toronto City Council Candidate, Masiullah Mohebzada, Masi to his friends, to answer @Neville_Park‘s tweeted question at the beginning of Ramadan…

At first Masiullah was apprehensive about campaigning while fasting. However, any such fears gradually evaporated as Ramadan progressed.

His door knocking goal of 100 houses was difficult initially. He used the number of remaining days of fasting as a self-talking motivation to reach his daily target.

A few residents who answered the door, did ask Masi IF he indeed was fasting?

People were both shocked and impressed that, yes, he was. This dedication earned some support from those Ward 36 residents.

When Sunset approaches, and the time to break the fast arrives, Masi sometimes finds himself out in the field or at a campaign event.

In such instances, he’s been breaking fast with food he carries with him for just that reason.

Otherwise he and or a campaign volunteer make a quick Iftar hop to the nearest fast food joint for a quick bite to break fast.

If Masi has learned anything about himself for the next time he finds himself Campaigning while fasting, it’s that he’d start his days later, around noon rather than earlier in the morning, yet still keeping his daily 9 p.m. wrap up time.


Cougar Court, Scarborough South West


Masiullah Mohebzada with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in Cougar Court, Ward 36 Scarborough South West

Masiullah Mohebzada in CP24 live interview with Farrah Nasser re Cougar Court, Ward 36 Scarborough South West

You may learn more about Masiullah Mohebzada on his campaign website: and via Twitter: @mmohebzada.

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