Day 6 – Curb Side Iftar Pickup – Madinah Masjid – 1015 Danforth Avenue, Toronto

Madinah Masjid in Toronto’s East End Danforth Avenue neighbourhood offers Curb Side Iftar Pickup on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays during Ramadan 2021.

We arrived a few minutes before the 7 p.m. Doors Open time for Iftar Pickup,

Only a few people were waiting outside.

Because so many Muslim Families live within line of sight,

if not immediate walking distance of Madinah Masjid,

a line of people appeared almost from nowhere,

self-organizing into 6 feet apart distances awaiting their turn for Iftar Pickup.

Front Entrance Doors into Madinah Masjid echo Horseshoe Arches found in Alhambra Palace of Muslim Andalusia from centuries past, and of Spain today.

But to enter Madinah Masjid during Pandemic Protocols,

requires a few steps around the building.

I was pleased to again see bicycle parking by a masjid’s entrance.

I rode my bike, both of them,

to complete 30 Masjids in 30 Days of Ramadan 2012.

Often finding ZERO Bike Parking provided by the Masjid I was visiting on any given day.

This despite Islam clearly on the side of Sustainable Environment and Active Transportation.

I notice the Garbage Bin placed in-between the two bicycles currently locked in place.

It suggests to me that some thought was invested into providing Physically Distanced Bicycle Parking for Madinah Masjid’s Cyclists.


Well done.

Having picked up Madinah Masjids Hijra 1442 / 2021 Ramadan Timetable from just inside the south entrance,

I return to the front sidewalk and find no one there.

As quickly as Curb Side Iftar Pickup doorway opened and people waiting in line for their turn appeared,

It all disappeared within moments.

Last year,

During the Hard Lockdown of Ramadan 2020,

Madinah Masjid received permission to broadcast their first ever Public Adhans via loudspeaker to observe Maghrib Sunset Time.

Because Ramadan 2021 in Ontario began with Houses of Worship permitted to operate at 15% Capacity,

The context has changed and Public Adhans are not broadcast within Toronto at this time.

Unknown if this will change with the new 10 person maximum rule for Masjids in Ontario beginning on Monday.


So what exactly was the Iftar Picked up Curb Side outside Madinah Masjid ?


Very Soft Chicken Korma in the smaller container.

And OH MY ALLAH how so very tasty was the Soup in the larger container !

Halfway between Haleem and Chowder with dashes of spices that felt as if I was eating fresh fish.

I don’t know what that was, but I’m glad we saved some for later !

Alhumdulillah !

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