Night 10 – VIDEO – First Ever Public Adhan Al Maghrib – Call to The Sunset Prayer – Masjid Al Salaam Islamic Centre – 550 Clareview Road – Edmonton, Alberta


After permission was given by the Mayor of Edmonton 💥MASJID AL SALAAM💥 made the Athan- Muslim call to prayer- Today May 2nd at Salat Ul- Magrib.

This Truly brings joy to the Muslim community of Edmonton

We ask Allah that this becomes a permanent thing,

even after the blessed month of Ramadan.

Masjid Al Salaam Islamic Centre

Masjid Al Salaam in Edmonton is less than one year old.

This is their first Ramadan.

Like many smaller places of worship, they need financial help.

Next time I am in Edmonton,


Masjid Al Salaam will still be there.

Allowing me to hear the Adhan in person.


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