Day 9 – City of Edmonton Approves Request for Broadcasting of Adhan Al Maghrib / Call to The Sunset Prayer from Local Masjids

Alberta Muslim Public Affairs CouncilAMPAC

We are delighted to announce that efforts made by AMPAC and other community members has resulted in the City of Edmonton approving our request for masjids across Edmonton to broadcast the Adhaan—the Muslim call to prayer—for the remaining days of Ramadan starting today, May 2, 2020.

This approval is for the sunset or Maghrib prayer only.

The call to prayer does not invite people to physically gather; rather it is a beautiful gesture to bring our hearts together during this time of distancing.

Edmonton now joins many mosques in Canada who have recently adopted the practice for the month of Ramadan for the sunset prayer only.

AMPAC will be in touch with masjids for further details.

AMPAC extends our deepest appreciation to the @City Of Edmonton, City Council members, and most importantly, Mayor @doniveson, for approving our request and understanding its importance to our community.

This is a huge milestone and showcases the true beauty of our city, province, and country.

Alberta Muslim Public Affairs CouncilAMPAC

Please see this previous message from Mayor Iveson about this being the season when some of the diverse faiths of the community celebrate significant events of their traditions and how COVID-19 does not put an end to observances.

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