Night 10 – VIDEO – First Ever Public Adhan Al Maghrib – Call to The Prayer After Sunset – Masjid Dar As Salam – 15 MacAleer Drive – Charlottetown – Prince Edward Island

This the First Public Adhan Al Maghrib, Call to The Prayer After Sunset, at Masjid Dar As-Salam in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

The Muslim Society of PEI was my destination on Night 8 of Ramadan 2016,

While doing my Coast-to-Coast 30 Masjids in 30 Day of Ramadan Canada.


This is not only one more Canadian City,

but one more Canadian Province now allowing Public Adhans at Maghrib Sunset Time.

Like almost every other Masjid or Islamic Centre in Canada,

Masjid Dar As-Salam  is  closed due to Corona Virus Pandemic Lockdown.


From The Guardian news story published April 27 2020 :


families would gather at the Masjid Dar As-Salam mosque in Charlottetown for a weekly potluck supper,

along with the smaller nightly Iftar — meaning “breaking of the fast”.

There are also nightly voluntary prayers,

the Taraweeh,

specific to Ramadan when a section of the Quran is read aloud each day,

so the entire book is read throughout the month.

With the mosque closed none of those activities can happen communally,

but they can continue on a smaller basis at individual homes,

with no impact on the significance or meaning of the monthlong holiday, said Esseghaier.

“We’re still fasting. We’re still breaking our fast together within the family.”

Since these activities can be carried out so easily on an individual basis,

the Muslim Society isn’t looking at offering online versions,

despite what many other communities have done to adapt existing traditions through virtual means.

This is because there are already exceptions allowed during Ramadan,

like for those who may not be able to attend prayer at a mosque or on fasting for those whom it may harm, said Esseghaier.

“In Islam, we try to make things easier for everybody.”


In these screen captures from the youtube video,

You can see many cars parked around the Masjid,

While the Masjid parking lot remained almost empty.

A LOT of Muslims turned out to witness Charlottetown’s First Public Adhan.

You can also see a LOT of physical distancing.

15 MacAleer Drive is in an industrial area,

There are no residential neighbours here.

Because of the ongoing Pandemic Lockdown,

This might be the largest Muslim Gathering in PEI during Ramadan 2020.



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First broadcast of Athan in Dar As-Salam Mosque, Charlottetown

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