Day 6 – Mississauga City Council Unanimously Passes Motion allowing Broadcast of Adhan Al Maghrib / Call to The Sunset Prayer from Local Masjids

This first full week of Fasting in Ramadan 2020 is still in progress,

And we now have  f i v e  eight cities in Canada, so far, allowing Public Adhans from Local Masjid Loudspeakers, at Sunset time.

How many Cities will follow Toronto, and Pickering, and Markham, and Brampton, and Halifax, and, Milton, and Ajax, and now Mississauga ?

This 20 minute debate by Mississauga City Council is instructive for anyone in other Canadian Cities or Mayors and Councillors on other City Councils considering Public Adhans during Ramadan 2020.

The Mayor, Council, and City Staff discussed pretty much every concern the wider community may have including numerous edge cases and the matter of urgency as Week 2 of Ramadan 2020 is set to begin.

The merits of temporarily suspending the existing Noise Control By-Law rather than trying to amend the By-Law in the same Council Meeting was explored.

A possibility of allowing Public Adhans by edict of The Mayor under the COVID-19 Pandemic State of Emergency was a no-go for Mississauga due to a technicality.

But every City’s Emergency Plan is different, so that option may fly elsewhere. Your mileage will vary.



News release
City of Mississauga
April 29 2020

Noise Control By-law Suspended – Evening Call to Prayer

“Council passed a resolution that the enforcement of the Noise Control By-law be suspended to allow for the broadcasting of the evening call to prayer from local mosques and other non-residential buildings regularly used for worship.

This resolution is for the period of Ramadan, up to May 24, 2020, provided the ‘call’ is broadcast only once per day in the evening for a maximum of five minutes and that it is not a call for people to physically gather in contravention of Emergency Orders and physical distancing guidelines.”

Media Contact:
Catherine Monast
Senior Advisor Media and Public Information
City of Mississauga
905-615-3200, ext. 5046

Unanimous Vote by Mississauga City Council authorizes Public Adhan Al Maghrib / Call to Sunset Prayer during Ramadan 2020

Bonnie Crombie,
Mayor of Mississauga, Ontario

Wednesday April 29 2020 :

“At Council today we passed a motion to allow for the broadcasting of the evening call to prayer from local mosques and other non-residential buildings regularly used for worship during the month of Ramadan this year (up to May 24, 2020).

The ‘call’ is broadcast that can be heard once per day for a maximum of 5 minutes.

This is not a call for people to physically gather in contravention of the provincial guidelines on gatherings.

People need comfort and familiarity during this difficult time.

As long as it is not disruptive and follows the guidelines, the call to prayer can provide this to many living in our City.”

Muslim Community Thanks Mississauga Mayor and Council For Unanimous Vote On Broadcasting Call to Prayer this Ramadan

April 29, 2020-Mississauga

The Muslim Council of Peel brought forward a formal request asking for the call to prayer to be externally broadcast while mosques and Islamic centres remain closed to congregations under the COVID-19 crisis in Ramadan.

Mississauga is home to the largest Muslim community in the region.

Social distancing has made this Ramadan very difficult for those who look forward to the heightened sense of community inclusion during this month of worship.

The request was tabled today and passed unanimously at a virtual council meeting.

Mayor Bonnie Crombie stated on behalf of City Council,

”Council supports the symbolic broadcasting of the Adhan for the duration of Ramadan at the time of sunset, as it will provide inspiration and comfort to our Canadian-Muslim residents of Mississauga.”

City Council has agreed to suspend the noise by-law during the full period of Ramadan up to May 24, 2020.

The call to prayer can be broadcasted once daily for 5 minutes maximum beginning this evening.

The Muslim Council of Peel thanks Mayor Crombie and all Councillors for their leadership and support.

“The decision gives the community great solace during Ramadan when we would be assembling at the mosque every evening breaking fast in Ramadan, our holiest of months,” states Rabia Khedr, Executive Director while reminding places of worship to continue practicing and enforcing physical distancing measures.”

Rabia Khedr, MA
Executive Director

UPDATE ~ Friday May 1 2020 :

There is now a petition you can sign to say thank you to Mississauga City Council & Mayor Bonnie Crombie . . .

I just signed, Signature 6358 !

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