Day 6 – Hamilton City Council Okays Broadcast of Adhans / Calls to Prayer At Noon and Sunset during Ramadan 2020

SubhanAllah, this is different.

While other City Councils in Ontario have approved a single daily Call to Prayer at Sunset, Hamilton’s City Council has given permission for two Public Adhans per day.

Hamilton’s Downtown Mosque and Hamilton Mountain Mosque now have permission to broadcast Public Adhans around Noon or Dhuhr Prayer Time, and again at Sunset or Maghrib Sunset Time via loudspeakers for the duration of Ramadan 2020.

Two Adhans are better than one.

One Adhan is better than zero.

Adhans will allow you hear the Masjids, yet with the Pandemic Lockdown in place, you cannot see inside the Masjids.

However . . .

Seven Years ago, on Day 30 of Ramadan 2013, I chose to break my fast and enjoy The Last Iftar at Hamilton’s Downtown Mosque.

At least you can get an idea of what the Masjid looked like inside back then.

It’s likely changed at least a little bit, but you get the idea.

On the final night of Ramadan 2013, I also learned of another Masjid in Hamilton.

So after breaking my final fast of that year, I walked over to Ibrahim Jam-E Mosque for the Late Evening Prayer, Salat Al Isha .

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