Day 27 – Imam Ali (AS) Masjid | 1606 Walkley Road, Ottawa

Imam Ali (AS) Masjid, 1606 Walkley Road, Ottawa - Sunday August 4 2013

Having prayed Dhuhr in the Ottawa Islamic Centre, I began walking towards the South Keys neighbourhood in Ottawa South towards Assalam Muslim Association.

En route, I spotted the Imam Ali (AS) Masjid.

I haven’t visited a Jaffari Fiqh masjid this year… somehow I just didn’t.

It being quite a bit past Dhuhr, the masjid was closed. In Jaffari Fiqh, the time for Asr prayers begins very shortly after Dhuhr prayers are performed.

Understandably, the masjid was closed until Maghrib / Sunset tonight.

If it was open, I would certainly have entered and at least prayed two rakats before continuing, or I might have stayed until Iftar and Maghrib making Itikaaf here.

There are on Twitter (@ImamAliMasjid) and the Book of Faces. is their website.

They are at 1606 Walkley Road in Ottawa South.

Imam Ali (AS) Masjid sign, 1606 Walkley Road, Ottawa - Sunday August 4 2013

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