Day 24 – VIDEO – Itikaaf – First Dose – Mobile Vaccination Clinic – MAC ICCO – Muslim Association of Canada – Islamic Community Centre of Ontario – 2550 Dunwin Drive, Mississauga

Wednesday Night was the 23rd Night of Ramadan 1442,

A Possibility for Laylatul Qadr.

Muslim Association of Canada (@macnational)

had supplemented an inefficient Alio booking solution

with standby lists and limited walk-ins

bookable here :


I was able to book a First Dose StandBy spot for the next day,

Thursday May 6 2021.

There was no guarantee beyond arriving on site and then waiting all day

at Islamic Community Centre of Ontario,

For a no show by a confirmed appointment.


that’s not what happened.

I arrived a few moments before the 11 a.m. doors open time for Standbys.

Almost entire line present was Standby like me.

We ALL got our first dose before it was even 12 Noon !


I cannot speak to the ALIO Health booking situation.

I can & must commend Muslim Association of Canada for quickly creating a contingency with their OWN solution :

They took ownership of what was potential for BAD PR / NEGATIVE Dawah situation for a “Masjid”,


From point of view of non-Muslim Peel Region residents,

Into a positive Mobile Vaccination Clinic experience for Muslims & non-Muslims alike.

Being a Masjid,

ICCO provided Private Vaccine Station for Muslim Sisters & for Women who wished extra privacy,

Female Registered Nurses administered doses to women vaccine clients in that private station.

While inside ICCO,

I was able to observe Itikaaf at least for the few minutes while in there.

My ONLY opportunity to observe Itikaaf INSIDE any masjid during these last 10 days or nights of Ramadan 2021.

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