Day 20 – Northern Muslim Association – Sudbury | By Abubacar


Guest Blog Post by Brother Abubacar | Sudbury, Ontario

Salamu Aleykum Br. Himy,

NMA Inc. is a registered charitable organization founded in 2008 by a few brothers (4 or 5 core).

The goal of NMA is the promotion and teachings of the Values and Principles of Islam according to Qur’an and Sunnah of our beloved ar-Rassul-ul-Allah (pbuh).

It is important that our families, children, develop and maintain a proper Muslim character and identity (which encourages tolerance and mutual respect among different Faiths, cultures).


We are trying this through various programs and services at the Mussalat which is open for all daily prayers and furthermore, we offer a school program (runs from September to June: weekends only, for now), and also Halaqa sessions, Tajweed classes, Seerah lessons.

Socially, we also organize community BBQs (i.e. Eid party on Saturday Aug 10th at Whitewater lake, insha Allah), fundraising dinners (to help fund our project of acquiring an Islamic Center, insha Allah), sporting events.

During Ramadan, we organize a potluck community Iftar on Saturdays from Maghreb until taraweeh prayers, during which we get to socialize and enjoy delicious meals from number of different countries.


We keep the kids busy (playing basketball and football i.e. soccer) in the gym conveniently located next to the big cafeteria, in between the prayers of Maghreb and Isha.

We are currently looking for volunteers for our big Eid party and also continuously raising funds of our Islamic Center project.

Please ‘spread the word’ for us in Toronto, in order to give brothers and sisters a great opportunity to donate fissabil lillah into building our Islamic Center, for which, our Vision is that it will become the focal point for all Muslims in Northern Ontario, Insha Allah.

May Allah be with you Himy, my dear brother in Islam.

Wa Salamu,


NMA Inc. | 1535-B Paris St. | Subury, Ontario | P3E 3B7 |

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