Day 15 – VIDEO – Drive-Thru Iftar – Muslims of Dufferin – 294 Broadway – Orangeville, Ontario

30 Masjids in 30 Days of Ramadan.

This 30 Masjids project began in Ramadan of 2011.

Idea was simple.

Visit 30 Different Masjids around Toronto,

Break my fast there, pray, learn about each Masjid,

Its history, their congregation, local stories,

Then blog about it each day.


For 29 or 30 Days until Eid Al Fitr.

For Ramadan 2013,

30 Masjids Toronto transformed into 30 Masjids Ontario.

Travelling around the Province I blogged daily about Masjids and Musallahs,

Large & Little in Big Cities & Small Towns.

Orangeville would have been one of those visits,

But in Ramadan 2013,

Orangeville had no Masjid nor Musallah.

Today it does.

Muslims of Dufferin Centre,

Located at 294 Broadway in Orangeville, Dufferin County.

A house transformed into a Musallah,

Serving between 100 & 200 Muslim Families living in Orangeville & surrounding towns in Dufferin County.

It opened about 5 years ago.

Tuesday April 27 2021 was my first visit.

Shaikh Yehya Soliman,

Imam of Muslims of Dufferin,

greeted us through our car window with Physical Distancing.

Because Masjids are closed throughout Ontario,

or limited to 10 people inside,

Doing my daily 30 Masjids visits to blog about different daily Ramadan experiences would not be possible.

Drive-Thru Iftars at different Masjids make it somewhat possible.

I would have loved to have learned more about the Muslims of Dufferin,

Listen to Shaikh Yehya Soliman’s stories,

Meet the local congregation.

But a car full of Muslims pulled in behind us,

It was our time to go.


During a future Ramadan,

Pandemic disappeared & Lockdown free,

It will be time to return for an Iftar.

This time sitting down instead of Driving Through.

Sitting down at home in front of the Iftar from the Drive-Thru.

Rice Pudding for Dessert.

Two soft and high quality dates.

Bread, boneless achar chicken, salad, pakoray, regular chicken, and side container of biryani rice.

This might have been the best presented, and complete Iftar take away of all my travels.

They even included a plastic spoon.

  Just add water

as the saying goes.

Shout-Out to Islamic Relief Canada for teaming up with Muslims of Dufferin,

Making today’s Drive-Thru Iftar happen,

And for making my belly full.



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