Day 12 – VIDEO – Drive-Thru Iftar – Jame Abu Bakr Siddique Masjid – SMA – Scarborough Muslim Association – 2665 Lawrence Ave East – Toronto

Several minutes after completing 30 Masjids’ First Ever Drive By Ziyarat of Islamic Foundation of Toronto,

We arrive at Jame Abu Bakr Siddique, Scarborough Muslim Association, for our first ever Drive-Thru Iftar Haleem Pick Up . . .

Every day of Ramadan 2020,

Jami Abu Bakr Siddique, Scarborough Muslim Association, has offered a Drive-Thru Iftar Pick Up Service.

It is first come, first served, beginning at 7 p.m.

We arrived a few minutes before that, yet they were already in operation, so were among tonight’s first served.

The Masjid is at 2665 Lawrence Avenue East, near Midland Avenue.

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

We Recognize and Thank Our Frontline Heroes.

Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Pharmacists, Hospital Staff, Police,
Firefighters, Transit Workers, Transport Crews and All Essential Services Personnel.
May Allah Protect, Unite and Bless us all during this difficult time. Ammeen.



Outside of Drive-Thru Iftar Pick up hours, the gate is closed.

Sign on the gate says Masjid Closed.

No line up !

No longer than a few seconds, and we had picked up one serving of Haleem through the driver side window.

Moments later, the volunteer brother handed out two more servings of Haleem.

Because they had a box ready to accept the Zakat Al-Fitra one must offer before the Eid Al Fitr prayer at Ramadan’s end, we were happy to take the opportunity to drop 3 X $7.00 into the box today.

It sometimes happen people don’t pay until the very last minute, even on the immediately before the Eid Prayer would begin.

Doing that is truly a missed opportunity in one’s own religious obligation.

The Bosnian Muslim Proverb,

“Every chance is your last chance, the circle is not round.”

Is instructive here.

Sometimes when you come around, what was there when you first were there, is no longer there.

The opportunity is gone.


We were able to pay Zakat Al-Fitra in cash today.

Since start of Ramadan 2020,

Jame Abu Bakr Siddique has been broadcasting a Public Adhan Al Maghrib, Call to The Prayer after Sunset, via loudspeakers atop the masjid.

Spot the loudspeaker.

The Mihrab, or prayer niche, facing Makkah.

There are many, many, many Muslims who live in walking distance and listening distance of the Masjid, within this mid-Scarborough neighbourhood.

During our very brief time here,

More Muslims were observed walking to pick up their Drive-Thru Iftar Haleem than were seen arriving by car as we did.





Haleem is made of wheat, barley, meat: usually minced beef or mutton; goat meat; or Lamb and mutton; or chicken, lentils and spices.

Sometimes rice is also used.


This dish is slow cooked for seven to eight hours, which results in a paste-like consistency, blending the flavours of spices, meat, barley and wheat.

Seven to Eight  Hours  to Prepare.

If you were wondering why Fasting Muslims would drive to Jame Abu Bakr Siddique Masjid to pick up a single serving of Haleem, that’s a big part of the why.

Haleem, not to confused with Al-Haleem . . .

Al Haleem (Arabic: الحليم‎) is one of the Names of Allah.

The word Haleem comes from the root “hilm”, which has the following classical Arabic connotations: to be forbearing, mild, lenient, clement; to be forgiving, gentle, deliberate; to be leisurely in manner, not hasty; to be calm, serene; to manage one’s temper; or to exhibit moderation.

Having “hilm” can be understood to have a wisdom and a forebearance that allows a person to control their anger.

Hilm is an intelligence that, in our terms, allows someone to control their anger, even if their anger is justified.

It allows you to, when you are justifiably angry, control it and not manifest it.

The English word, Hangry, comes to mind.

While fasting in Ramadan, one might become angry due to one’s hunger, and become Hangry.

Having some Haleem at Iftar Time, when one breaks their Ramadan Fast for the day, may help one be happy instead of hangry.


Happy we did Drive-Thru Iftar Haleem Pick Up today at Jame Abu Bakr Siddique.

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