Day 11 – Jumah – Noor E Islam Madressah and Cultural Centre | 747 Lincoln Road, Windsor

Adhan Al Jumah Friday Call to Prayer Noor E Islam Madressah Windsor - Friday July 19 2013

It’s the first Jumah of Ramadan 2013.

It is incredibly hot right now across South Western Ontario, not quite unbearable, but up there.

Instead of opting for the city’s main masjid, the Windsor Islamic Association, I walked the very few blocks from where I am staying to Noor E Islam for today’s Friday Prayers.

The Qhutbah, or Sermon, was in Arabic, with about a 15 minute bayan or Islamic Reminder in English beforehand.

The emphasis was asking for God-Alone’s Mercy as the ticket into a successful Hereafter rather than asking for admission based on our own Good Deeds.


Because God-Alone’s knowledge of what is possible, with him being the Creator and we the creation, is far greater than anything our humanly deeds can earn or deserve.

we are open 24 hours during ramadan, sign in Babur 2 halal restaurant on Wyandotte Street East, Windsor - Friday July 19 2013

After Jumah, around the corner and a block over from the Masjid, on Wyandotte Street East I spot this sign in the window of Babur 2, a halal chicken and shawarma place.

I could never have imagined spotting a 24 Hour Halal food joint in Windsor, Ontario after praying my first Jumah here in Ramadan.

Could anyone?



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