CANADA | Day 11 – First Ten Days of Ramadan 2016 – Newfoundland – Nova Scotia – PEI – New Brunswick – Next? Québec!

Day 11 of 30 Canadian Masjids in 30 Days is a Travel Day.

Began by boarding MaritimeBus in Saint John, New Brunswick after Fajr, Dawn Prayers, and arriving by Asr, Late Afternoon Prayer time, in Québec City/Sainte-Foy.

Originally Day 10 was Fredericton overnight from Iftar until Fajr.

Instead extended my stay in Saint John, NB, by one day upon learning of the new Musalah at 370 Somerset Street.

Giving a day here, taking a day there, all in keeping a flexible schedule of three days for and in each Canadian Province.


30Masjids approaching New Brunswick and Quebec Border on Thursday June 16 2016

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