30 MORE | VIDEO – Time Lapse of Adhan, Maghrib, Iftar – Ajyal Islamic Centre – Vancouver – Ramadan 2018 – Produced by Brother Abdullatif

This video was produced by Brother Abdullatif in Vancouver.

He recorded during Ramadan 2018.

He edited and released at the end of Ramadan 2020.

What took Br. Abdullatif so long?

Like many of us, if not all us everywhere, we have a backlog of good works we neglected and did not finish.

The pandemic lockdown has suddenly freed up vast amounts of time to complete those unfinished good works and release them now.


This is wonderful timelapse video which begins on a Skytrain Platform and continues inside Ajyal Islamic Centre in Downtown Vancouver.

  • Iftar, the breaking of the fast
  • Salat Al Maghrib, the Prayer after Sunset
  • Serving of Iftar Dinner

All are time lapsed while The Call to Prayer after Sunset is made by Kurdish Brother Muhammad.



During Ramadan 2018 I blogged about Ajyal Islamic Centre twice . . .



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