30 MORE | VIDEO: A MOVEABLE MOSQUE – Deena’s Footsteps Through Prayer

Deena loses her job and decides to start a daily photo blog with her free time.

What results is an intimate glimpse in to a woman’s prayer and the personal struggle connecting with the Divine.

Visit her tumblr at http://amoveablemasjid.tumblr.com

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Directed by Bassam Tariq (@curry_crayola) and Musa Syeed
Edited & Composed by Bassam Tariq
Photos by Deena

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The “30 Mosques” guys are producing some wonderful “30 Days Ramadan” videos this year that really give you a sense of what it’s like to be a Muslim person in America. I enjoyed this one, featuring a young woman named Deena who loses her job, then decides chronicle her life through a photoblog. More about the project here. Subscribe to their video channel here. Deena’s photoblog is here, and full of beautiful things. (thanks, Bassam Tariq!)

Xeni Jardin (@Xeni), BoingBoing

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