30 MORE | Iqaluit Masjid Crowdfunding Reaches $100,000 Fundraising Goal – Ramadan 29 1436 – Nunavut, Canada

Iqaluit Masjid 100,070


Syed Asif Ali
I’d humbly like to give this amount to complete the $100,000 figure. May Allah accept from us all who contributed and prayed for the project. (President Islamic Society of Nunavut).


The $100,00 crowdfunding effort initiated by Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick for the Completion of Iqaluit Masjid 13 days ago…

Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick

“Reaching half way mark for Completion of the “Arctic Masjid” in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada”

I take this golden opportunity in the last ten days of Ramadan to sincerely ask Almighty Allah to reward and bless all those who have given to the Iqaluit Masjid project. May your prayers be accepted, families protected, and sins forgiven.

Now, we need to go “deep” and complete the second half of our $100,000.00 goal so the roof can be sealed and heat can be installed. That way we can preserve the work already completed before the snow and Insha Allah have a Masjid Opening in late September.

Donate at: http://www.gofundme.com/Iqaluitmasjid

Here is the latest shot of the work as of yesterday! [ July 8 2015 ]
Iqaluit Masjid - July 8 2015

…has reached its goal!

May Muslims in Canada’s North be blessed in their New Islamic Centre.

May Allah Reward all those who helped The Community reach its Goal.



30Masjids has been around Toronto; around the Greater Toronto Area; around Ontario (peeking into Quebec) during Ramadan 2013.

When 30Masjids goes Blogging daily across Canada in a future Ramadan, InshAllah, a newly Completed “Arctic Masjid”, The Iqaluit Masjid / The Islamic Society of Nunavut, will be among our stops in Northern Canada.

— HiMY SYeD / Thursday, Ramadan 29 1436 —

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