30 MORE | DAY 12 – VIDEO – Premiere – The Year We Fasted Alone – FULL FILM – Nilufer Rahman

“One year ago,

we invited you to share your thoughts and stories about RAMADAN 2020 and you responded!

We are excited to share this documentary FILMED BY YOU during an unprecedented time in history when mosques around the world were closed for the FIRST time and Muslims everywhere were forced to fast “alone.”

Or were they?


On Saturday, April 24 at 5PM UTC / GMT we will be premiering The Year We Fasted Alone here on our Snow Angel Films YouTube Page!

Please join us for the live screening and be sure to share your thoughts in the chat!”

The Year We Fasted Alone is a documentary filmed by YOU that captures global Muslim voices during the unprecedented Ramadan of 2020.

(length: 44 mins – for full film captions / subtitles please click the CC under the scroll bar or gear icon on mobile phones).

“To everyone who shared their stories, experiences and voices for this project, thank you so much.

Together your submissions weave a universal story of love, loss, grief, struggle, resilience, joy, laughter and hope.

We hope you enjoy the film!

Ramadan Kareem and best wishes to all!”

BACKGROUND about the making of TYWFA:

Last year, in Ramadan 2020, I was feeling the anxiety of our time and felt motivated to put something positive out into the world.

I recalled the film project LIFE in a DAY,

which brilliantly invited people from around the world to submit stories of their lives on a single day.

I immediately thought,

wouldn’t it be wonderful to capture Muslim stories and voices from around the world during this unprecedented moment in history – where,

not only are we living through a pandemic,

but we’re also experiencing Ramadan through it as well.

What does Ramadan look like without mosque and community?

How are individuals, families and communities adapting and how are they feeling?

What issues and experiences can be brought to light through the Ramadan + Pandemic experience?

What do we perhaps take for granted at the best of times?

My hope is that in seeing each other’s stories side by side,

we might find inspiration and feel more connected and less alone.

This project started in a whirlwind after Ramadan 2020 had already begun,

so there was little time to spread the word,

do translations of the “call for submissions” and reach far and wide.

But I thought I’d still give it a go!


I was elated to receive 35 submissions from 12 countries,

which were just enough to craft together a beautiful story to mark this unique time.

This project has been a joy to make.

It’s made me feel less alone and I realize how remarkable it is that one can make a collaborative film with people from all over the world without leaving home.

That is a miracle of our time.

Even when standing still,

we can find ways to act and move forward.

I pray that,

like the people in the film,

we as humanity continue to reflect,

gain perspective,

and inshaAllah (God willing),

find ways to improve life for everyone – people, animals and nature.

Best Always,

Nilufer Rahman”

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