30 Masjids — Returns for Ramadan 2012

Bismillah . . .

Ramadan Mubarak !

It’s Tahajjud time, 2:39 a.m. Saturday Morning. July 21 2012

Currently sitting near Masjid Toronto in a Tim Horton’s using their WiFi to update 30Masjids.ca.

Last year I fell well behind in updating the site with timely posts halfway through Ramadan. It became tough figuring out how to balance both daily fasting with daily blogging as the month wore on.

This year, InshAllah (God-Alone Willing), I’ll be able to keep that balance.

In addition to daily stories from breaking fast in Masjids around the Greater Toronto Area, I’ll be sharing some new stuff:

  • Stories of Muslim Community in Brazil — Curitiba, Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro
  • Muslim stories from elsewhere in Canada
  • Shortly before Ramadan 2011 I performed Umrah. During my time in Madinah and Makkah, I took hours of video and thousands of photographs. Yet, I haven’t fully shared them. Until now
  • Guest Blogggers and their stories are always welcome!! YES that means YOU! 🙂

InshAllah, these Extras will add to everyone’s Ramadan Experience.

Before we begin, big Ramadan-Salam-Shout-Outs to:

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