Day 30 – Eid Al Fitr 2017 – Masking Tape Labyrinth – City of Labyrinths Project – Vancouver Convention Centre

When not visiting a different masjid every day and night, you might find me creating Labyrinths.

City of Labyrinths is another Project from a different part of my life.

This Labyrinth was made using Green and Vanilla coloured masking tape.

The last Eid al Fitr masking tape Labyrinth I made was in Toronto in 2011. That one was more of a proof of concept.

Today’s Eid Al Fitr Labyrinth in the Vancouver Convention Centre was much, much more than a proof of concept.

I began taping my original one-of-a-kind seven circuit Labyrinth design in an unused section of the Vancouver Convention Centre hall once the Eid Prayer was concluded.

Before I was even done taping down the design, children began walking through the Labyrinth’s paths still in progress.

Many people thanked me, including a member of the Vancouver Convention Centre Maintenance Staff. He was happy to be reminded of what a Labyrinth is, as it brought back childhood memories. He asked me to NOT remove the masking tape as he would take responsiblity for cleaning it up after the event.

That was kind of him, as I was too tired to commit staying the entire afternoon.

I did stay til 3 p.m. and by then had watched hundreds of Muslim Children, Parents, and Teenagers walk my Eid Al Fitr Labyrinth.

Well, that’s not exactly correct…

“Children never walk a Labyrinth, children always run!”

If you’re still curious and want more, I wrote this back in Ramadan 2009:

Labyrinths in Islam – Hidden in Plain Sight… Five Times a Day

And as I have yet to say this on the blog…


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