Night 21 – VIDEO – Laylatul Qadr – Dr. Yasir Qadhi – Memphis, Tennessee

This video of Dr. Yasir Qadhi,

Recorded during Ramadan 2014 inside Memphis Islamic Center,

Explains how best to spend one’s time during Laylatul Qadr . . .

  • Why Laylatul Qadr is called so and what are its merits?
  • What kind of worship we need to observe during the Night of Qadr?
  • Which night is most likely to be Night of Qadr?
  • And why should we care, in the first place, about this night?

Dr. Yasir Qadhi mentions 4 meanings of the word Qadr and Night of Qadr:

  1. Qadr means importance, dignity and honour.
    Laylatul Qadr is called so because it is a very important and dignified night.

  3. The second meaning is close to the first but it is related to believers who worship Allah on this night;
    they are dignified and honoured people.

  5. Qadr also means constriction;
    Laylatul Qadr is called so because a huge number of Angels come down in this night to Earth.
    It will be congested with honourable angels.

  7. Qadr means predestination;
    on this night Allah decides and decrees what will happen in the next year.


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