Night 21 – LIVESTREAM – Laylatul Qadr – ‘The Search for Laylatul Qadr begins at Maghrib…’ – Shaikh Musleh Khan – IIT – Islamic Institute of Toronto

Important reminder by IIT Resident Scholar Shaikh Musleh Khan during Taraweeh Prayers at Islamic Institute of Toronto on Night 21 of Ramadan 2023

Shaikh Musleh Khan reminds us that searching for Laylatul Qadr, The Night of Destiny, during the Last Ten Nights of Ramadan, begins right away after the time of Maghrib.

Don’t fall into the habit of beginning your search after Iftar or later during Isha or Taraweeh.

Maghrib and Iftar time, it’s not only a time to break fast.

It’s the time to begin your search!

Short Duas are short in words yet Grand in The Scales in The Sight of Allah (SWT).

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