Day 8 – JUMAH – Second Friday – Shaikh Abdool Hamid – Live Friday Online Talk – IIT – Islamic Institute of Toronto

Today is the Second Jumah of Five Fridays in Ramadan 2020.

Chose again to livestream the Friday Virtual Talk from IIT, Islamic Institute of Toronto.

This Virtual Friday Talk is not a Replacement for Jumah Prayers but it does help keeping a weekly routine in the same timeslot.

A smart businessperson would recognize this as, “Keeping Your Customer.”

Talk began an update from Fareed Amin, Chairman of IIT.

Today’s Khateeb, or speaker, was Shaikh Abdool Hamid.

Masjids are closed due to the Lockdown.

After the Livestream concluded, we prayed four rakats (units) to complete Salat Al Dhuhr, the regular Mid-Day Prayer.

Ramadan 2020 At Home also includes Friday Dhuhr Prayer At Home too . . .

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