Day 6 – LIVESTREAM – Reflections on Islam – Special Ramadan 2023 Daily Radio Program

We began Ramadan 2023 by breaking our Fast on Day 1 listening to Adhan Al Maghrib, Livestreamed.

The Livestreamed Call to Prayer after Sunset concluded Day 1 of Reflections on Islam‘s Ramadan 2023 Daily Radio Program.

On Thursday,

I wasn’t technically able to include any audio recording of the day’s program to include and complete the blog post.

Even though the Day 1 blog post was enough of an update and re-introduction of Reflections on Islam, something was still missing.

I still wanted to include something audible from the Special Daily Ramadan Program during Ramadan 2023.

Above and below are today’s Day 6 of Ramadan 2023 opening and concluding segments.


If Iftar inside homes in and around Metropolitan Toronto could have an Official Soundtrack,

That soundtrack would have to be listening to Ezz E. Gad hosting Reflections on Islam while awaiting Adhan Al Maghrib, and the time to break the fast.


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