Day 31 – Eid Al Fitr – VIDEO – Drive-Thru Sweet Pickup – Sayeda Khadija Centre – Faith of Life Network – 7150 Edwards Blvd – Mississauga, Ontario

Sayeda Khadija Centre has been hosting Drive-Thru Iftars for the faithful.

We thrice drove-thru those Iftar Pickups on Day 3, Day 10, and Day 24.

Today we experience Sayeda Khadija Centre’s Eid ul Fitr Drive-Thru Sweet Pickup.

They had a scheduled pickup start time of  7.a.m. early this Eid Al Fitr morning.

We were here around

We reached here around 11:30 a.m.

The driving-thru was pretty quick. We received one sweet for each of the three of us in the car.

“Sayeda Khadija Centre. A place to Pray, Learn & Play!”

We exchange Eid Mubarak greetings plus hand waves, not handshakes, and we were done!


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