Day 29 – Dhuhr – Bramalea Islamic Cultural Centre – BICC – 25 Kings Cross Road, Brampton

Made a snap decision to go pray my Dhuhr at Bramalea Islamic Cultural Centre.

Was going to pray my Midday Prayer elsewhere, at a Masjid I had not visited before at all, but time became short as I have been updating the 30Masjids website.

I don’t know if I can make Asr Prayer or even Maghrib Prayer today at any of the remaining Masjids I had wanted to visit for the first time ever.

Updating website entries of past days’ visits takes up as much if not more time in some cases that visiting the Masjids.

This is the way Allah (SWT) decreed it.

Many people say Ramadan went by much quicker, faster this year, than they can remember.

For me, it means today’s 30 Masjids in 30 Days of Ramadan stop at Bramalea Islamic Cultural Centre might be the final Masjid I am visiting during Ramadan 1444 and before Eid Al Fitr.

As my Grandfather, my Father’s Father, used to say,

“Don’t try to do everything.
Leave one or two things for God-Alone to do too, eh?”

— Syed Shah Hamid Hussain Qadri

And so as it is, I will leave a number of Masjids that I intended to visit during Ramadan 2023 for after Ramadan.

Perhaps visiting some of them as soon as breaking my fast during the Six Nafil Fasting Days of Shawwal in a different Masjid for each of those days.

Or, If Allah (SWT) gives me longevity to reach Ramadan 2024, then then.

InshAllah / AllahuAlam.

And God-Alone knows better.


After Dhuhr Prayer and after Sunnah Prayers were completed by most of the remaining brothers inside the prayer hall,

A brother shared a brief reminder from the Hadith Collections.

I found the reminder…. applicable in my case, as someone who has been visiting different masjids, every day, for 30 days, when possible, during the past 13 Ramadans.

As I was staring up at the information screen, one of the Official Brothers of the Masjid asked about what I was waiting for to show up.

I explained that I could not find a graphic image on BICC’s website or Facebook page about this masjid’s Eid Al Fitr arrangements.

Shared with him my 30Masjids photocard and quick project description.

He called up the image on his smartphone and Alhumdulillah, I can now include in my other blog post listing Eid Al Fitr Prayers times and locations, as well as here.

This Eid Al Fitr slide is what I waiting for to show up on screen again.

Sunday afternoon, April 23 2023, The City of Brampton is holding its first ever Official Eid Celebration.

InshAllah, attend if you can.

It’s free.

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