Day 0 – Ramadan Mubarak! – Greetings from Canadians to Canadians

Ramadan 2020 / Ramadan 1441 Mubarak

Video Greetings from Canadians TO Canadians . . .

UPDATE: The above youtube video is a montage of the following Ramadan Mubarak videos tweeted between April 22 and April 24 2020.

Watching them all together is a very different experience than watching them one by one.

Almost hypnotic !

Statement by the Prime Minister on Ramadan
April 23, 2020
Ottawa, Ontario

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on Ramadan:

“Tonight at sunset, Muslims in Canada and around the world will mark the beginning of Ramadan, a month-long spiritual journey of fasting and prayer.

“Traditionally, Ramadan is a time of collective gathering. Families and friends observe Ramadan by getting together, fasting during the day, and ending their day with iftar. This year, Ramadan will look different as we continue to fight the global COVID-19 pandemic, and work to protect our communities by staying home and following the advice of public health experts. From mosques hosting Friday prayers online to families having iftar virtually, Muslim Canadians will be doing their part this year.

“During this crisis, the values at the heart of Islam – compassion, gratitude, and generosity – resonate more than ever, as we see Muslim Canadians helping their neighbours. A time of charity and spiritual contemplation, Ramadan reminds us to put the needs of others before our own and to practice those values in our daily lives.

“Let us take the time to recognize, and show gratitude for, the invaluable contributions Muslim Canadians make each day to our country.

“On behalf of our family, Sophie and I wish everyone celebrating a blessed and peaceful Ramadan.

“Ramadan Mubarak.”

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