30Mosques.com | Day 5: Islamic Center of Mid-Manhattan

By Aman and Bassam

This place provides refuge from all the posh fashion shops up and down Lexington Avenue in midtown Manhattan.

I broke my fast with some milk, dates and a plum.The people who go there consisted mainly of young professionals, who mostly work in the area. The person I sat next to was named Waleed and works for the investment group Barclays Capital. He’s a cool guy and is coming to my apartment soon to see if he can back up all his Guitar Hero smack talk.

After prayer, I was extremely tempted to try the Turkish restaurant next door to the mosque. But then I saw the Arabic food they were serving inside the mosque:

It was rice pilaf, pasta, salad and lemon chicken. Amazing. No seriously, amazing.

But the Turkish restaurant next door looked good too. Maybe I can go to it next time I’m in the area shopping for $700 jeans at Armani

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