30Mosques.com | Day 31: Eid 2010 Block Party – Brooklyn, New York City

By Aman and Bassam

Back home in New York, the two men attended a block party, where a little kid on his bike in Brooklyn carelessly crossed a lady passing by, leaving her startled. “Oh, how we missed New York City,” Bassam says.

One of the congregants of Masjid Khalifah ends the Eid 2010 Block Party in Brooklyn with a song. “I forget what the song was,” wrote Bassam. “But everyone was on their feet dancing like there’s no tomorrow.” Answering a question they posed to themselves at the outset of their 30-day journey, Bassam wrote, “People are willing to accept change in America, it just takes time. Case in point — when our car broke down, our tow-truck driver was a little nervous taking us across Montana after he towed our car, but by the end of the ride all of us were sharing jokes and facial-hair grooming tips. I really do believe people come around; the definition of what America can accept is wider than any of us can imagine.”

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