30Mosques.com | Day 3: Malcolm X’s mosque

By Aman and Bassam

Today we went to the Malcom Shabazz Cultural Center on W. 116th Street in Harlem (the photo I took was crappy, so I borrowed one from our friends at Salatomatic.com). At one point in time this was a casino that soon became a full-fledged mosque dedicated to Muslim pioneer Malcom X.

The masjid volunteers kindly served us water with dates wrapped in foil. It was a very intimate gathering. They offered food to us, but we felt bad because we rolled up in there unannounced and didn’t want to freeload.

For dinner, Bassam and I ate at Tawaa, this Indian restaurant at 168th and Broadway. I had some chicken dosa- freakin amazing.

What made me laugh was the menu, the place is halal but the menu says “We served halal food.” As if one day they decided to call it quits on this whole halal thing.

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