30 MORE | Day 29 – LIVESTREAM – Canada-Wide Qur’an Memorization Competition – FINALS – 26 Finalists in 5 Categories – Brothers and Sisters – IIT – Islamic Institute of Toronto – 1630 Nielson Road, Scarborough

During this Holy Month of Ramadan 2022/1443

The Islamic Institute of Toronto organized the first

Canada Wide Online Qur’an Competition – judged by some of the most qualified reciters in Canada!

“Panel of Judges during Qualifying Rounds :

K100 – Juz Amma – Friday and Saturday; judged by Muqria Julie Lowe and Muqria Rabia Khan

K300 – Any 3 Juz’ – Friday; judged by Qari Abdulfatah and Qari Ali Salem Jaheder

Y500 – Any 5 Juz’ – Saturday; judged by Qari Abdulfatah and Qari Ali Salem Jaheder

O1500 – Any 15 Juz’ – Friday; judged by Shaikh El-Saeed Gharseldin

O3000 – The Whole Qur’an – Saturday; judged by Shaikh El-Saeed Gharseldin”

5 Categories were offered :

  • 1. K100 – Juz Amma – only open for ages 7-12
  • 2. K300 – Any Three Juz of the Qur’an – only open for ages 7-12
  • 3. Y500 – Any Five 5 Juz of the Qur’an – only open for ages 7-15
  • 4. O1500 – Any 15 Juz of the Qur’an – open for all ages
  • 5. O3000 – The Entire Qur’an – open for all ages

Competitors could recite in Hafs, Warsh or Qalun.

Finals for the competition held on Saturday April 30 2022.

We’re off to the FINALS

of the Inaugural

Canada-Wide Qur’an Memorization Competition!

Date : Saturday, April 30 2022

Juz Amma, 3 & 5 Juz – Starting at 1:00 PM

15 Juz and Whole Qur’an – Starting at 4:00 PM

Streamed live on YouTube and Facebook.

26 finalists in 5 categories.

It will be a real treat, InshaAllah.

Join with your family and friends.”

Qur’an Memorization Competition

FINALS : Juz Amma, 3 & 5 Juz

Qur’an Memorization Competition

FINALS : 15 Juz and Whole Qur’an

Brother Farhad Khadim

Announcing Winners and Finalists on Night 30 of Ramadan 2022

During Islamic Institute of Toronto‘s Khatm Al Qur’an . . .


we have the results of the inaugural Qur’an Memorization Competition!

Congratulations to all the finalists, winners, their parents and our judges!”

Islamic Institute of Toronto, IIT

K100 – Juz Amma

1st : Ezzah Riaz – $500.00

2nd : Sakeenah Rahman – $300.00

3rd : Hamza Hanif – $200.00

4th : Ibraheem Khawaja – $100.00

5th : Bilal Baig – $100.00

K300 – 3 Juz

1st : Zahra Omar – $600.00

2nd : Ibrahim Khaleel – $400.00

3rd : Hadi Halani – $300.00

4th : Khadijah Siddiqui – $200.00

5th : Ahella Shalaby – $200.00

Y500 – 5 Juz

1st : Hamza Siddiqi – $800.00

2nd : Osman Mehmood – $600.00

3rd : Maaz Rehman – $400.00

4th : Hafsa Abdul Rahim – $300.00

5th : Hajirah Rahman – $200.00

O1500 – 15 Juz

1st : Abdul Hakeem Hassan Shifliy – $1,000.00

2nd : Nisa Rahman – $800.00

3rd : AbdurRahman Khawaja – $600.00

4th : Yumnah Rehman – $400.00

5th : Muhammad Salim – $200.00


1st : Taha Siddiqi – $1,500.00

2nd : Mohamed Abdiwahab Hussein – $1,000.00

3rd : Abdullah Khawaja – $800.00

4th : Ibrahim Shams – $600.00

5th : Abdulkadir Xerow – $400.00

Closing words from Brother Fareed Amin . . .

“Thank you very much Brother Farhad,

And may I also extend on behalf of the entire IIT Community,

Congratulations to all the Winners,

Some of whom are here,

others of whom might be listening or watching.

This was indeed our inaugural one and InshAllah,

we’re hoping to build on it next year.

I want to thank all of our judges who participated.

I know this required a fair bit amount of time and we are indeed very grateful.

And brothers and sisters is just one example of what we do at Islamic Institute of Toronto.

The entire purpose of us being here at the Institute is to promote education…”


I was there on Night 30 of Ramadan 2022 a few rows from the front and centre enough that I was able to record Brother Farhad and Brother Fareed well enough.

This Canada-Wide Qur’an Memorization Competition is a BIG Deal.

A Really BIG Deal for Canada.

In traveling and blogging 30 Masjids in 30 Days of Ramadan for more than a decade now,

I have encountered or heard about numerous Qur’an Memorization Competitions around Canada.

Many of those competitions are limited in scope and organized at the Masjid level.

A few competitions could be argued to operate at a city-wide level, allowing competition entrants from around the city of whichever masjid was organizing the event.

What IIT has done this Ramadan 2022 is important.

It has created a legitimate platform and process to determine the best Qaris and Qariahs not just in one’s city, but in our Country, Canada.

And winners will now have a legitimate path to entry for the BIG International Qur’an Memorization Competitions including :

International Quran Recital Competition or Tilawah Al-Quran, the international Islamic Qur’an recital event that’s been held annually since 1961 in Malaysia.


The Dubai International Holy Quran Award (جائزة دبي الدولية للقرآن الكريم), where Qur’an Reciters from all over the world participate.

Canada can now Represent on the world stage of Qur’an Memorization and represent well, MashAllah.

This Inaugural Year of the Competition Memorization Competition, IIT, kept entry available to Qur’an Reciters resident in Canada.

That’s the “Canada-Wide” part of the official name.

I hope by next Ramadan 2023/1444,

IIT adds a 6th Category beginning with the letter “I”.

How’s “Canada-Wide and International Qur’an Memorization Competition” sound ?

We don’t know how it will sound, that’s the point of holding these competitions (Okay I’m pushing the metaphor a bit much now, hahah).

There can be a separate “International” Category for Qur’an Memorization entrants from outside Canada.

This Inaugural Canada-Wide Competition was held virtual and online, so going global is a matter of time zones and timed zooms.

Why should Malaysia and Dubai get all the blessings ?

There’s Barakah enough for everyone.

InshAllah, IIT’s Second Canada-Wide Qur’an Memorization Competition is now only 11 months away!

Even sooner,

Because it’s 11 Lunar months !

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