Night 1 – Masjid Toronto

First Taraweeh

It’s Thursday night, July 19 2012.

Less than two hours ago, Ramadan began for me.

For some fellow muslims, the following Friday night will mark their first of Ramadan.

It’s not really that big a deal.

The Christian Calendar depending on whose point of view you wish to adhere to, is off by 11 days. Every year.

Whether deciding via Visual Moonsighting or Calculations, we’re only off by a day or so.

Pretty good eh! 🙂

Calendar-wise Islam considers sunset the beginning of each new day.

Hence the first Taraweeh, nightly extra congregational prayers, takes place the night before the first day of Ramadan fasting.

Because not every Masjid in Toronto would be holding Taraweeh prayers on Thursday night, I defaulted to Masjid Toronto.

It wasn’t exactly where I thought I would end up praying as I had already blogged about Masjid Toronto last year, but hey, it’s the first night, and Islam is for your ease.

I gave myself a pass and prayed Isha followed by taraweeh.

The surahs were short. The taraweeh went quick.

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