Day 1 – First Friday: First Jumah in Masjid Toronto

Brother Tantawy updates the congregation of Ramadan programs in Masjid Toronto before the Imam arrives to deliver the First of the Three scheduled Friday Sermons, July 20 2012

Shaykh Zahid Abu Ghuddah about to begin Friday sermon, in first of three Jumah Prayers in Masjid Toronto, July 20 2012

The take-away from Shaykh Zahid’s Khutbah, or Sermon, was that everyone we know, no matter who they are, are all facing and struggling with private personal challenges.

We may only see the surface, but underneath, which one us is free of problems?

I wasn’t sure exactly why, but at this moment, his reminder of this reality resonated with me.

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My intention to attend Masjid Toronto for this First Jumah in Ramadan was realized.

My hope to begin the Month listening to an inspiring Jumah Khutbah, something of substance that would keep me mindful in the days and weeks ahead, was also realized.

Now what?

Where would I break the first fast of Ramadan 2012?

Inside Masjid Toronto, I picked up a flyer.

It’s a fundraising pitch for a rented prayer space in an underserved Neighbourhood.

Their building is about to be sold, and they’re scrambling to raise funds to instead purchase the entire property themselves.

There is a sudden feeling of urgency to make an intention to break fast there.

I decide to do Iftar there tonight.

I already wrote about Iftar in Masjid Toronto last year.

Why duplicate that blog post when there’s not much more to share?

Last year, Masjid Toronto was exploring whether to expand the current property or to purchase a second property to meet the needs of downtown Toronto’s growing Muslim Community.

Since then, a second property was purchased. It’s across from St. James Park near Adelaide and Church Streets.

St James Park, was most recently in the news for being the site of Occupy Toronto, until their eviction late last year.

The Adelaide property won’t be open nor ready until after Ramadan. Fundraising is ongoing to meet the renovation bill.

And what can we look forward to in this new satellite masjid?

We can glimpse an answer to that question in this video of Former Toronto Mayor David Miller’s visit to Masjid Toronto.

The Former Mayor had encouraged Brother Tantawy and Masjid Toronto to take part in Doors Open Toronto (@Doors_OpenTO) in May of 2008.

In the here and now, time was suddenly running short.

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It wasn’t looking like I might make that little masjid for Iftar after all . . .



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