Day 22 – VIDEO – JUMAH – Fourth Friday – “Jummah Salah at Kowloon Masjid🕌, Hong Kong with Physical Distancing & Hygiene Safety” – MCHK – Muslim Council of Hong Kong


Hong Kong masajids and madrasahs have had it’s second week of public Jummah salah abiding to the government’s social distancing and hygiene standards.

This is in Kowloon Masjid,

which once again had arranged two salatul Jummah so that the numbers can be maintained.

✔️ Entrance was through the two main gates only.
✔️ Temperature was checked for every entry.
✔️ Hand sanitizers machines installed at few walls.
✔️ Salah positions clearly marked out in halls.
✔️ Khutbah delivery was limited due to time.
✔️ Exit of the first jammh attendees was through side back gates.
✔️ Entry of the second jammah attendees from front main gates with people lining up along pavement in a single line left and right. All with masks on.

May Allah accept from all managements, imams, volunteers and those who attended with discipline and in an orderly manner.

May Allah continue to safeguard everyone worldwide and open more of His houses doors to the Ummah worldwide with peace and tranquility.

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