Day 25 – VIDEO – Drive-Thru Iftar – Seeds of Leadership – Hamilton Downtown Mosque – 221 York Blvd – Hamilton, Ontario

Friday evening was Day 25 of Ramadan 1442.

We drove to the Downtown Hamilton Mosque,

In Hamilton, Ontario for their Drive-Thru Iftar.

This is the new location.

On the Final day of Ramadan 2013,

I visited the previous masjid location at 96 Wilson Street, for that year’s Last Iftar.

Because of the distance getting here,

We made sure we arrived with plenty of time to spare.

Seeds of Leadership organized today’s Drive-Thru making good use of the younger members of the Hamilton Downtown Mosque.

Multiple Tables were set up in the Masjid Parking Lot with a healthy distance between the stations.

This multiple Iftar Table arrangement allowed for several drivers and passengers to be served Contactless Iftar without the feeling of being rushed.

What surprised me was after the volunteer sisters had handed us our 4 Iftars,

They asked if we needed to book COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments ?

MashAllah !

The Canadian Muslim COVID-19 Task Force should know about this !

Useful ,

Smart !

That also means the volunteers were ready to complete a Vaccine Booking if anyone picking up Iftars today said yes to wanting one.

Being from out of town, their bookings wouldn’t make sense for us.


everyone in our car had already made vaccine first dose arrangements.

Drive-Thru Iftar may be a way for the Masjid to provide service to their Congregations.

It is also a way for regular Masjid goers to donate money in cash on site while still inside their cars.

It’s been a mixed readiness I have found with different Drive-Thru Iftars ready to accept our donations,

While other Drive-Thru Iftars didn’t immediately realize this opportunity,

And weren’t ready right away.

Everyone is figuring this out as we go along.

We figured the Iftars we picked up would be tasty.


We figured right.

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