Day 21 – LIVESTREAMs – IPTV – Fajr in Makkah / Dhuhr in Madinah – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Night 21 of Ramadan 1444/2023 ended with Adhan Al Fajr, The Call to Prayer at Dawn, signalling the start of Day 21.

We usually dial through the local Toronto Area Muslim IPTV Channels during Sahoor/Sehri, the pre-dawn meal time, before the start time of each day’s fast.

This morning Dawn/Fajr in and around the Toronto Metropolitan Area was early as 5:16 a.m. or as late as 5:19 a.m., depending how east or west you were.

Each day’s fast has begun by cycling through those local Muslim IPTV Sahoor shows until settling on a random channel with a pre-recorded Adhan Al Fajr being Broadcast/Livestreamed.

We then pray Fajr at home.

Also randomly, I might still watch IPTV for a little while after Fajr, allowing time for my Sahoor to digest.

Back on Day 12, I was watching CBC Metro Morning.

Like on Day 12, this morning, Day 21, I photographed my Television Screen rather than scramble in a rush to screencapture the Livestreams from Makkah & Madinah on my Raspberry Pi 400.

CanadaONE ReStreams the Fajr Prayer recorded from Makkah at Makkah Local Time, to coincide with Fajr Time according to Toronto Local Time.

In the VHS Days, we’d call this Live Tape Delay.

Akin to U.S. Network TV Late Night variety shows recording their weekday show live in the afternoon/evenings for broadcast after the late local news.

In the bottom right Corner you can see 5:07 [a.m.].

But Fajr in Toronto didn’t begin until after 5:07 a.m. this morning.

What gives!?


Here in my Daylight Saving Time observant home Province of Ontario, CanadaONE’s Fajr in Makkah Live Tape Delay is not exactly livestreamed 7 hours later, because Dawn/Fajr in Makkah was at 4:46 a.m. earlier this morning, Day 21 of Ramadan 1444/ Wednesday April 12 2023.

Also, the scheduled Congregational Fajr Prayer Time in Makkah isn’t exactly 4:46:01 a.m. to the second, as per common sense.

People in The Sacred Masjid are still eating their final bites of Sahoor at 4:45:59 a.m., you get the idea.

CanadaONE ends their ReStream from Makkah once Fajr is completed, sometimes followed by Toronto area Ethnic/Muslim-ish TV Commercials.

Switching to one of the numerous duplicate IPTV Channels ReStreaming the actual Live Livestream from Makkah, we find Salat Al Dhuhr, the Midday Prayer, has already been performed in The Sacred Masjid.

Sometimes the Official Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Makkah Livestream show scenes from the City of Makkah or the Mountains and Valleys around it.

Dialling up the Official KSA Madinah IPTV Livestreaming channel(s) and found Salat Al Dhuhr was still being prayed…

“Allahu Akbar . . .

. . . Allahu Akbar . . .

. . . Allahu Akbar.”

Menu screen, listing Muslim-ish IPTV Channels in the order they were favo(u)rited.


Having returned home after praying Isha + 8 Rakats of Taraweeh at Noon Academy’s Masjid,

I often dial up eAWAZ IPTV.

To borrow a useful word from legacy Broadcast Television lingo,

eAWAZ, or simply AWAZ, Simulcasts Shaykh Faisal’s nightly reminders being Livestreamed between Rakats 6 and 7 at the Islamic Forum of Canada.

My brother Amir & I heard Shaykh Faisal’s reminder in person last Ramadan 2022 on Night 12.

Tonight, AWAZ has a red bar with text announcing this is the 10th Night of Ramadan…

However, I confirmed what I was watching on TV was indeed Shaykh Faisal speaking live and being Simulcast correctly tonight, Night 21 of Ramadan 2023.

Typo. Not a big deal.

What IS a Big Deal is the technical set up inside Islamic Forum of Canada.

Here’s my photograph from Night 12 last year :

I only caught Shaykh Faisal’s mid-Taraweeh-break speech as he was wrapping it up for tonight.

So I selected MeemTV.

While Shaykh Faisal is set up to supply programming for IPTV Channels,

MeemTV IS an IPTV Channel AND a Masjid in one.

Masjid-E-Aqsa in Brampton broadcasts, sorry, Livestreams original programming for their original IPTV Channel.

They pray 20 Rakats of Taraweeh, and they are still praying as I watch at 10:38 p.m. on Night 21, a possible Laylatul Qadr.

Other than Taraweeh Prayers, what else does MeemTV air?


Adhans being called more or less according to Brampton Local Time, a minute or two later than Toronto.

It’s an example of what Brother Taha Ghayyur described during his talk at the 9th Annual Fiqh Conference on Day 10.

Muslims don’t want a Muslim TV Channel only rerunning Lectures from youtube playlists ( my words and my understanding of the case brother Taha was making ).

They want Halal Entertainment options.

During Sahoor and before Iftar, many IPTV shows have Ramadan related programming, with most importantly a countdown timer of how much time you have left for eating or when you can break fast.

Sometimes you simply want to turn on the TV, without thinking too much about it, because you want to watch something Islamic or Muslim-ish.

Both Islamic Forum of Canada and Masjid-E-Aqsa/MeemTV on this Night 21 were exactly that.

Both Islamic Forum of Canada and MeemTV are based in Brampton, Ontario.

Perhaps the Search for Halal Entertainment Options begins in Brampton?

Umm… until I switched to watching IIT’s Live Taraweeh Livestream and heard Night 21’s reminder from IIT Resident Imam, Shaikh Musleh Khan.

The Islamic Institute of Toronto is in Scarborough.

Perhaps the Search for Halal Television Options begins in Brampton and continues in Scarborough…?

The Islamic Foundation of Toronto is in Scarborough.

IFT is on AWAZ TV everyday between 7 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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