Day 10 – LIVESTREAM – Edge of Sunset 2 – Iftar Nights 2021 – “Memories of Iftar” – MABELLEarts – Etobicoke

“The Edge of Sunset Livestream performance,

airing each Thursday night during the month of Ramadan,

is a chance to celebrate with community stories, incredible music, fun hosting, guest chats, and much more.

Join us for the hour just before Iftar for moments of laughter, reflection, and connection.

This week,

our livestream performance surrounds the theme of

“Memories of Iftar”.

We’re guided by our community stories around Iftar memories that recall a time when we celebrated together:

recollections of family traditions, parents and siblings, celebrating with the wider community, and much more.

This week’s show is hosted live by Sergio Guerra,

who is joined by musicians Brenna MacCrimmon and Maryem Tollar of Turkwaz,

puppeteers Afsaneh Zamani & Annie Katsura Rollins

and the entire MABELLEarts community.

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