30 MORE | VIDEO – “I rose in Parliament today to recognize the excellent work done by Muslim Canadian groups during Ramadan & Eid in the midst of a pandemic. Thank you for making our country better for all” – Omar Alghabra – Ottawa, Canada

“Mr. Speaker,

I rise in these extraordinary times to share with you the experience of Muslim Canadians this Eid.

Muslim Canadians just observed Ramadan – and what a Ramadan it was.

At a time where usually families and friends gather for food or prayer,

unprecedented adjustments had to be made.

What was heartwarming Mr. Speaker,

is even when many adopted new ways to uphold their religious and social customs,

people didn’t forget their obligations to each other.

Muslim organizations stepped up to help their fellow neighbour.

Mosques and groups like the

and countless others mobilized volunteers and donors to offer support to vulnerable Canadians.


Muslim Canadians are celebrating Eid with pride and optimism.

Whether we celebrated Easter, Passover, Vaisakhi, Eid or any other special occasion,

Canadians displayed a strong sense of unity.

Regardless of our background,

we are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.

We will get through this pandemic together.”

— Omar Alghabra

Member of Parliament for Mississauga Centre

Members’ Statements
House of Commons
Parliament of Canada, Ottawa

Monday May 26 2020



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