30 MORE | Day 10 – Canada Post releases 2021 Eid Stamp recognizing Eid al-Fitr & Eid al-Adha – Domestic Rate Stamp features Crescent Moon Viewed through an Arched Window

Canada Post has issued an Eid Stamp in time for Eid al Fitr 2021.

The first ever Canada Post Eid Stamp was released in 2017 :

and this Eid Stamp was released last year in 2020 :

I like this year’s the best.

You can order them now from Canada Post.

Canadian Stamp News provides background on 2021’s Eid Stamp Design :

“Lionel Gadoury, Andrew Conlon and Brad Pyne, of Context Creative,

designed this year’s Eid set,

which includes a 10-stamp booklet plus an official first-day cover (OFDC) measuring 190 millimetres by 112 millimetres.

Ottawa’s Lowe-Martin printed 120,000 booklets (1.2 million stamps in total) plus 7,000 OFDCs,

each franked with an Eid stamp and serviced with a Montréal cancel.

The 28-millimetre-by-38-millimetre Permanent stamp features an evening Eid scene,

centring on a crescent moon framed by an arched window.

Nine five-pointed stars also appear in the sky alongside the moon.

“A highly recognizable symbol of Islam,

it also alludes to the fact that both festivals commence with the sighting of a new moon,”

according to a statement from Canada Post about the crescent moon’s meaning.

“Another striking feature of the stamp design is that the view of the night sky is shown through a window,

the shape of which was inspired by arches often used in mosque architecture.

An overlaid pattern of hexagrams creates an intricately latticed screen – or jali – another form of decoration common in Islamic architecture.”

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