30 MORE | Medellín Y El Islam – Mariana Parra

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Earlier this year, I was in Medellín, Colombia attending the World Urban Forum, learning all about Cities and how to bring Global Best Practices to my hometown of Toronto.

While there I blogged about the local Muslim Community. However, I wasn’t the only one learning about Medellín and its Muslim People. Mariana Parra made it her Senior Thesis topic and was there researching while I was visiting.

We ended up interviewing each other, her for this blog, and me for her Thesis. I then asked if a final version of her Research Paper could be posted here once it was completed. She agreed.


This great story realizes what Islam is and how this is evident in the city of Medellin. This journalism own different aspects of the same religion will be evident, which are reflected in the city and others having to do with evidence, based on the ownership of this religious ideology of each people.

The PDF embedded above was sent to me a while ago, yet it is only now being posted. I was saving it for Ramadan, when there might be more visitors to 30Masjids.ca, hence a greater attention being brought to Mariana’s work.


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