Night 16 – VIDEO – First Ever Public Adhan Al Maghrib – Call to The Prayer After Sunset – North-East Islamic Center – Akram Jomaa – 2612 37th Avenue NE – Calgary, Alberta

Sam Nammoura Livestreamed the First Ever Public Adhan Al Maghrib, Call to The Prayer After Sunset, at North-East Islamic Center – Akram Jomaa, 2612 37th Avenue NE in Calgary, Alberta.

Some years ago while attending conferences in Calgary,

Brother Sam and I met and learned from one another.

He was most gracious with his hospitality, and generous with his activism.


Sam livestreamed this first ever Public Adhan at Akram Jomaa, while providing history on the building’s founding and thoughts from those Muslim Calgarians who turned up in the masjid’s parking lot to hear and witness…*s-R


رفع آذان المغرب من جامع أكرم جمعة في مدينة كالغري البرتا كندا بإستخدام مكبرات الصوت العلنية لأول مرة في تاريخ هذه المدينه تعاطفا مع المسلمين الكنديين خلال شهر رمضان الذي أتي بظروف قاهرة منعت المصلين الصلاة و العبادة في دور العبادة الإسلامية.

Call for Maghrib prayer AND the end of Friday May 8 2020 fasting day of Ramadan,

Publicly Announced in the City of Calgary for the first time ever at 9:11 p.m.

Listen to Shaikh Jamal Hammoud feedback and beautiful words by Marzouk Souraya the gentlemen who preformed the Adhan today .

Big thanks to whomever helped to make this happened.”

Sam Nammoura

The Masjid also livestreamed and provides another perspective . . .

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