30 MORE | VIDEO – Shaikh Omar Subedar – Overview & History of Moonsighting Decision Making – Ramadan Q&A – Bramalea Islamic Cultural Centre – BICC – 25 Kings Cross Road, Brampton

Most Sundays after Dhuhr Prayer at Bramalea Islamic Cultural Centre in Brampton, Ontario,

BICC provides Islamic Education sessions, usually about an hour in length with plenty of time for Questions afterwards.

I understood that Shaikh Omar Subedar would be today’s teacher providing the first in a series of Ramadan themed Question and Answer sessions.

My intention was to attend the Q&A, then afterwards, privately ask him to clarify and correct my own understanding of the local Toronto area history of our various Moonsighting efforts.

But that’s not what happened.

SubhanAllah, Shaikh Omar Subedar opened his talk with a few words about the local history of Moonsighting efforts in Toronto.

Then he kept going and going until all the private questions I had brought with me in my heart and mind, ended up being answered.

So, of course I immediately realized it was a Gift from God-Alone, a minor miracle answered by Allah (Glorified and Praised be He).

Once the Q&A session formally wrapped up, I spoke with Shaikh Subedar.

I shared with him how everything in his talk was exactly answering the historical questions I had intended to ask him.

Shaikh Omar then told me originally he had no intention of talking about Moonsighting today but somehow he ended up doing so.

( I took down written notes, and inshAllah I’ll update this blog post once I review my scribblings to transcribe them into a brief timeline of highlights )

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