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Pape Cami - Preparing Iftar Dinner Tables - Back of Main Prayer Area

Received the following email…

from: Hana
to: HiMY
date: 6 July 2014 18:52
subject: Family friendly mosque

Salam. I stumbled across your blog ( I really like the concept!)

I am hoping you might know… Are there any mosques in Toronto, north York, Scarborough, thornhill in which iftaar and dinner is family friendly.. Meaning men and women sit together.

I know noor cultural centre does it, though not everyday. Thought?



Before simply replying to the author of the email directly, it’s likely others may have the same question?

Hence, this short post with three suggestions for where Families, men and women, may sit together and break fast:

  • TARIC Islamic Centre – Numerous picnic tables dot the green space in front of TARIC, and it being summer right now, many people choose to break fast outside, or even bring their Iftar Plate outside. If a family claims a table beforehand, they should be fine.
  • Pape Cami – This Turkish Masjid serves Daily Iftar to men and women and children sitting at tables in the back half of the Main Prayer Area, (see photo above). I’ve seen one entire family sit together at a table; plus their Turkish food is really tasty too!
  • Jerrahi – Breaking fast with The Sufis in South Etobicoke on Saturday nights is another option for Turkish Food. They sit on the floor in front of Japanese style tables. Families are able to sit beside and across from one another and it’s all good.

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