30 MORE | Day 13 – VIDEO – “Letter read out at Council from ICP Interfaith Council of Peel to Mississauga City Council in Support of the Call to Prayer issue”

The letter of support sent by ICP to the Mayor’s Office May 2020 over the Council’s decision to allow the broadcast of calls to prayers during Ramadan.

“Dear Mayor Bonnie Crombie,

The Interfaith Council of Peel supports the City of Mississauga’s resolution to approve the broadcast of calls for prayers to all faiths in the city.

In this pandemic time,

so much has been taken from us, and especially from communities of faith who yearn to gather not only for worship and celebration,

but also to do good work in our neighbourhoods and our city,

and to support one another in both good and challenging times.

Rather than thinking of this simple action as divisive, or favouring one group over another,

may it be a reminder that members of our community are deeply missing each other,

that our lives personally and collectively have changed.

May this call be a reminder to take just a few moments to think of those who cannot gather:

celebrating families and grieving families, friends and social groups, even sports teams – and faith communities;

to be thankful for healthcare workers, police, fire and EMT’s, and people on the front lines,

for workers who are performing essential roles to keep us safe and to keep our communities going;

to pray for courage for our leaders who are making hard decisions;

to pray for people who face hate and discrimination brought on by fear and anger.

Each faith has ways that outwardly inspire and encourage their congregations and we are in support of the City and Mayor’s efforts

especially in this very challenging time to enable faith communities and faith leaders to reach out and support our diverse community and bring us together in a spirit of hope and comfort. ”

Signed by Interfaith Council of Peel.

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