30 MORE | Day 24 – Tilawati Canada – Coloured Qur’ans – Eid Souk – Run The World Summit – Square One Shopping Centre – Mississauga, Ontario

Eid Souk happening this weekend, Saturday April 15 & Sunday April 16 2023, inside Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga, Ontario.

Tilawati Canada specializes in Coloured Qur’ans.

Sister Zeenah providing some colour about the Colourful Qur’ans.

Side by side by side by side on the same page:

  • English Translation of the Holy Qur’an
  • Trans-literation in Latin Script
  • The Qur’an in its original form in the Arabic language

These Rainbow Qur’ans are worthwhile to see in person if you can make it to Square One this Final Weekend of Ramadan.

This a Large Print Qur’an.

It is what you might see in front of the Prayer Leader, as they read and recite verses of The Qur’an during Taraweeh Prayer.

Small pocket size Colour Qur’ans, about two inches by three inches.

Each Juz, or 30th Part of the Qur’an, has its own colour along the edge of the pages.

This makes it easier to return to the page you were reading and it’s also something appealing to Muslim Children as they learn to read Qur’an.

Also appeals to Grown-Up Muslims who already know how to read Qur’an…

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